The events linked to Eger’s tender application and summary of main news items as edited by TV Eger

Europe day dedicated to the tender of capital of culture

The city is about to celebrate Europe Day with a large-scale event. May 9th will be distinguished by the fact that Eger is running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023. As mentioned at the press conference, this event is yet another opportunity to spread the word about Eger’s assets in Europe.

Artistic director Lajos Koltai’s message to the people of Eger

What is the tender of European Capital of Culture about?

A video from 2016: The 30-year history of ECoC in 3 minutes…

Our city is running for the title of “European Capital of Culture” again

We have dispatched the necessary official announcement of intent to the State Secretariat for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources and established Eger’s “ECoC2023 governance model”. A Cultural Strategy is in place, with long-term goals and we are delighted to announce the appointment of Lajos Koltai, the world-famous, Kossuth-prize-winning cinematographer, Artist of the Nation, as our artistic director.


A rediscovery of Eger through walks

The artistic director of the Eger tender project to win the title of European Capital of Culture 2023 is Lajos Koltai, Kossuth- and Béla Balázs prize-holding cinematographer. As a first step, Mr. Koltai is looking to immerse himself in the cultural assets and historic qualities of the city, as these are worthy of introduction to Europe.

Details unveiled – our artistic director, Lajos Koltai

Eger performed well in the race for the title of European Capital of Culture 2010, so the Local Government decided that the city is to run again for the 2023 holding of the title. A professional conference was held on Thursday at the Assembly Hall of the City Hall regarding the tender application. Eger’s application will highlight the elaborate connections between light, film, science, the arts, as well as between science and the church. We are delighted to have world-famous, Kossuth prize-winning cinematographer, Lajos Koltai as artistic director.

Capital of culture

Deputy Mayor Ildikó Adler Martonné met the heads of settlements around Eger at the City Hall, so that they may liaise on how best to cooperate regarding the “European Capital of Culture 2023” tender application. Each town is to contribute local assets to the body of the tender application.