Cooperation with the settlements of the region

In response to the Eger Local Government’s initiative, twelve towns signed the cooperation treaty regarding the European Capital of Culture tender application. At the Egerszalók meeting the roles of natural treasures and touristic opportunities were highlighted besides those of culture and tradition. In addition, the wish to foster a love of culture in the youngest generations was voiced.

Eger’s tender is on its way

The ECoC2023 tender application was dispatched on Monday morning. As you will have heard, Eger is aiming to win the title of European Capital of Culture in 2023. Mayor László Habis said that an excellent opportunity has also arisen to revive the city; one example of this is the new Eger youth choir.

“ECOC” at the Eger round table discussion

Participants of the meeting focussed on the review of equal opportunity initiatives in Eger, the European Capital of Culture tender application and the experiences of the Eger Round table of citizens. The meeting, held in the Hall of Citizens, was chaired by Gabriella Bohus Badacsonyiné, who is currently tenured in the position.