The events linked to Eger’s tender application and summary of main news items as edited by TV Eger

Music everywhere

To celebrate World Music Day, the musicians of the city infused the city with the “Mood of ECoC” by performing at surprise spots in Eger. There was music at the bus terminal, on top of the multi-story car park at Katona square, and aboard one of the local buses.

December 20: deadline for tender applications

Eger is on the final lap of preparations for the European Capital of Culture 2023 tender application. Currently, the coordination of events is under way. The tender’s submission deadline is December 20. As determined by the decision of the EU, the title of European Capital of Culture may be awarded to a city from Hungary and one from Great Britain in 2023.

Bikaver hungarian signature asset and culture

The 21. Bull’s Blood Festival was graced by two guests of honour: the world-famous Italian film star, Franco Nero, and the Mayor of Budapest, István Tarlós. The former also joined Lajos Koltai, artistic director of Eger’s “ECoC2023” tender in a pleasant conversation with press representatives. Both adore light and good wine, and it also transpired that Franco Nero had always had a soft spot for films from behind the former iron curtain; it is no accident that he accepted key roles in several Hungarian historical works. He has also brought a fresh idea to Eger.

Image and theme music

On May 9, 2017, the image and the theme music of Eger’s tender application were revealed. Both have a history tied to Eger…

Eger runs for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023

According to an official announcement made today, Eger is running for the title of European Capital of Culture 2023. The aim is to showcase the assets of Eger highlighted at the press conference to the whole of Europe. Eszterházy Károly University is a strategic partner to the tender effort; its artistic director is Lajos Koltai, cinematographer and leading light of Hungarian cultural life.