Az egri pályázat arculata

The unique image and the theme music of Eger’s application were revealed on May 9, 2017. Both have a history tied to Eger.

The representatives of Eszterházy Károly University, located in Eger, unveiled the application logo at the press conference. The logo was created with the strategic cooperation of the university and the city. The main thrust of thinking during the creation of the logo, which is made up of dots, was to demonstrate its dynamic nature, as the logo is able to transform, change, shift. The various elements of the logo appear differently on various platforms and via various technologies, be these electronic screens, LED walls, structures, a public display, or a page on the internet.

The bluish background of the logo features immediately recognisable dots which form a star pattern, meant to represent a celestial sign that mirrors Eger’s assets. These may be guiding stars, or modern, pulsating lights too, which guide our thoughts and feelings, and inspire us to join in and seek out the important places and events in Eger where art, culture and science “flick a switch” in us too.

Az egri pályázat zenei szignálja

The theme music of Eger’s application is Zsombor Fehér’s handiwork, he fronts the Eger band Kerekes, and as such, is a member of the tender’s Music group. The melody carries a message that resonates deeply with Eger: its initial phrase is borrowed from the song “Eger, my sweet homeland”. The letters of the words spell out the alphabetical and solmisation tones which make up this catchy tune.

The visible and audible elements of the “European Capital of Culture 2023” tender animated…

Europe Day was the day of the great announcement (newsreel footage by Eger TV)

Eger “EKF2023” pályázatának hivatalos zenei szignálja

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